This is the time of the year when we talk with our current and potential clients about what Energy Guy LLC can do to support their energy cost reduction and sustainability initiatives in 2017. I recall a recent article in The Wall Street Journal that stated that the majority of 2017 planning is finalized in mid- to late-December. One additional motivation for several of our clients is that they have a “couple of bucks” (i.e. $5k-$25k) still available in their current (2016) operating budget that they want to spend (i.e. invest) before the end of the year.

Working in the eleventh hour is what I call it. Those decisions you make at the last-minute. In this case it’s the opportunity to pay for something now and knowing that you will receive a return on that investment next year. Our clients are interested in saving time, frustration, and money. They value the opportunity to provide building-ownership with updates on the success of their utility cost reduction efforts. We help them tell the story. We are able to put dollar values on utility savings to ensure anticipated savings and paybacks are realized. We also often heard when Real Estate professionals see value in sharing stories of how well their commercial buildings are running.

Services our clients pre-purchase include:
– ENERGY STAR (RE) Certifications ($900)
– ENERGY STAR Score Improvement Programs for commercial buildings ($900-$3k)
– IREM Certified Sustainable Property program (~ $5k)
– Budget for hourly consulting (@ $125-$175/hr.) or Managed Energy Services Support
– “Connecting the Watts” Utility Cost Reduction Strategy Support ($5k-$16k)
– “Best Value” Capital Project Procurement involving HVAC, Temp Controls, and Lighting systems

So, if you are an asset, property, or facility manager who is in the process of wrapping-up your operating budget for this fiscal year and realize that you would like to take advantage of an “eleventh hour opportunity” to ensure positive energy cost reduction stories in 2017 please let us know.

As the last monthly newsletter of 2016 we, the team at Energy Guy LLC, want to wish you and yours a merry and safe holiday season.

Stephen & the Energy Guy Team