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Are you a person who makes decisions and then acts to make something happen? If so, you a “doer”. That’s an admirable yet rare quality in my book. Unfortunately, over the years, I’ve observed less than 3% of commercial property managers are committed to an ongoing program to control or reduce utility expenses across their portfolios. That means that the clear majority of them do not or will not take meaningful action to “waste less” in their buildings. They are not implementers.

Real estate managers, like so many professionals, are ever challenged with competing priorities. The most effective ones make decisions and then find ways to get things done. As it relates to controlling utility costs in existing buildings that means implementing strategies and plans that lower operating expenses.

If you are an implementer you likely already know that there much that can be done to reduce energy, water, and unrecycled waste in the buildings you manage without additional capital investment. You are committed to the philosophy that there’s always a little bit more that can saved regardless of how much has already been done.

What are 5 tell-tale signs of implementers?
1) They continually strive to do a little bit better.
2) They can muster the instantaneous enthusiasm that’s often required to be an effective agent of change.
3) They are continually looking for innovative ways to accomplish the goals they set for themselves both personally and professionally.
4) They either already have or are willing to create plans to capitalize on opportunities and to mitigate the risks.
5) They are goal driven and can look you in the eye and tell you how they are doing right now on their journey toward to attainment of those goals.

Good news – I’m convinced that anyone can become an implementer of utility expense reduction programs. Anyone can make a commitment right now to reduce utility costs in their homes and properties they manage.

In closing, are you an implementer of utility cost reduction programs in commercial buildings? If so, please let me know what you are doing. If not, do you want to become one? If so, send me an email to schedule an initial no-cost discovery consultation.