Preparing for an Energy Reduction “Road Trip”

Have you taken a road trip recently? You know, packed-up your ride and hit the open road headed toward a distant land? If so, you likely spent time researching the best route to get from your home base to where you were your adventure was taking you.
Recently, as I’ve been working with Real Estate folks […]

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How much energy is consumed in residential and commercial buildings in the United States?

In 2015, about 40% of total U.S. energy consumption was consumed in residential and commercial buildings. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes […]

Are You An Implementer?

Are you a person who makes decisions and then acts to make something happen? If so, you a “doer”. That’s an admirable yet rare quality in my book. Unfortunately, over the years, I’ve observed less than 3% of commercial property managers are committed to an ongoing program to control or reduce utility expenses across […]

CONSTANT CHANGE – Where are you headed?

Last week at the IREM/USGBC “Sustainable Operations of Buildings” workshop I shared the story of a Greek philosopher who, back in 500 BC, was credited with saying, “the only thing that is constant is change.”

I can certainly relate to “constant change” in my life, how about you? When I think about it, the metaphor […]

11th Hour Opportunities

This is the time of the year when we talk with our current and potential clients about what Energy Guy LLC can do to support their energy cost reduction and sustainability initiatives in 2017. I recall a recent article in The Wall Street Journal that stated that the majority of 2017 planning is finalized […]

“ENERGY STAR Score Optimization”

This presentation will explore the ever increasing popularity of this EPA scoring system for existing buildings and approaches to improve that metric without additional expense.
Contact Stephen to setup a webinar for your team

Benchmarking Your Building With ENERGY STAR

When you compare your building’s energy usage and efficiency with others, you get a sense of how your building is performing relative to other similar buildings. That’s really the basis for ENERGY STAR.

And you can do this with benchmarking and baselining. But what exactly do those two terms mean? Aren’t they the same? Well, […]

Understanding ENERGY STAR

Over the next several bog posts I want to discuss ENERGY STAR and what it means to you, the building manager or owner. But to begin talking about ENERGY STAR, I’d like to talk briefly about the scoring system, its inputs, and the potentially fickle nature of the beast.

Now, anyone can go to energystar.gov […]

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    Ways to improve Energy Star Scores without Capital Investment

Ways to improve Energy Star Scores without Capital Investment

There are several no/low-cost ways to improve Energy Star Scores in commercial office buildings. They include having accurate inputs into the EPA’s Portfolio Manager System, effectively “segmenting” your building square footage when it’s advantageous to do so, and tightening-up the heating-AC (HVAC) systems operating hours.

Having accurate building use attributes in Portfolio Manager is extremely […]

City of Minneapolis Building Energy Reporting Ordinance

June 1st of each year is the Reporting deadline for large commercial office buildings in Minneapolis to share building energy and water use information with the City. Next year that information will be made public to encourage “market forces” to motivate (i.e. “shame”) building owners and property managers who own/manage “inefficient” buildings  to invest […]