June 1st of each year is the Reporting deadline for large commercial office buildings in Minneapolis to share building energy and water use information with the City. Next year that information will be made public to encourage “market forces” to motivate (i.e. “shame”) building owners and property managers who own/manage “inefficient” buildings  to invest in making their properties consume less electricity, natural gas, and water.

I council my clients, pontificate at local Energy Expos, and tell all of my network contacts that I see HUGE RISK in not managing the utility information that is shared with the City. For those of us who get a steady diet of working with the EPA’s Portfolio Manager (the online system used to generate Energy Star Scores and the way information will be shared with the City) you come to appreciate how difficult it is to get an accurate Energy Star score for commercial buildings. Especially for those properties who had Portfolio Manager accounts before the major upgrade that was completed  June 2013.I’m concerned that many of the 200 buildings affected by this new Building Energy Benchmarking Ordinance will wait until the last minute to “push” this information to the City. I’ve seen the negative effects that approach can have on bottom line Net Operating Income in cities like Austin, TX where they have a similar Building Energy Disclosure ordinance.

Here’s a couple of useful links to information about the City of Minneapolis Building Reporting Ordinance:



Attached PDF of “City of Minneapolis Disclosure Letter”

Please let me know if there’s anything me and my team can do to be a resource for you as you work to navigate the perilous waters of the new City of Minneapolis Building Energy Disclosure Ordinance.