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How much energy is consumed in residential and commercial buildings in the United States?

In 2015, about 40% of total U.S. energy consumption was consumed in residential and commercial buildings. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes estimates for monthly and annual energy consumption by the residential sector and the commercial sector, which is mostly building-related. These sectors account for nearly all of the energy consumption in U.S. buildings.


Energy consumption by the commercial sector also includes energy consumption for street and other outdoor lighting, and for water and sewage treatment. However, these energy uses are relatively small contributors to the commercial sector’s total energy consumption.

If you’re a business owner, these types of haughty numbers can appear stunningly large. But they actually impact your directly. Energy is a significant component of your company’s operating expense. Wasteful or inefficient operation can directly impact your bottom line. What can you do to reduce energy use–and maximize savings? And how the heck do you convince the shareholders to invest in energy cost reduction?

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